Although I believe that there isn’t much I’m not able to do with some wood and a few tools, I have no clue when it comes to landscaping. I don’t know what plants should go where. I have no idea what plants will look good together. I don’t have a clue about when to plant them, how to prune them, or what sizes and varieties are best for the areas I need to spruce up. So, because I am landscape challenged, we hired a Landscape architect to draw up some plans and give us an idea of what we could do to improve the curb appeal of our home.

For less than $200, we got this awesome blueprint we will use to slowly add to and change the landscaping around our house. While the manual labor will not be fun, spending the money for a pro to do our design will be well worth it. Now we can be confident that we will have the plants in the right place for a great new look.