The Yellow Nightmare

This is a true story from our friend Michelle at TenJuneBlog.

Once upon a time, there was a sweet little yellow bathroom.

I mean… really, really yellow, and it used to look like this!

Then we took one of these…

and did some demolition to the sweet yellow bathroom.

This picture is blurry because it’s behind a wall of plastic…

Then, all of the trash and construction debris went into here.

Except for the cast iron bathtub. It got to sit in my front yard for a few months days.

Next, we redesigned the room so that it was customized to our style. You know, just plain awesome.Here’s the layout.

Then it was time to re-build the room from the floor up.


The plumber came and did his magic.

And I helped up the ante on the insulation in the room.

We took out the old, tiny window and added a new, bigger window.

And, in one of my favorite moments in the room… we added a pocket door and water closet. Just for a little privacy when the time calls for it, ya know what I mean?



Then we had the tile guy come out and lay allllll the tile.

And I heard angels sing (or was that Justin Bieber?).

Oh and the drywall was finally completed.

(I am never, ever, ever touching drywall, ever again unless you pay me in pitchers of margaritas)

And I painted the new walls.

We installed a toilet- highlight of my year.

Then we waited a month for our much-anticipated Pottery Barn vanity to arrive.

Got it.

Hated it.

Returned it.

Waited another month for Pottery Barn to pick it back up.Then decided to DIY our own vanity.
Finally finished the vanity project and breathed a big sight of relief.

Why? Because… we’re almost done.

Actually, I don’t really mean that. What I really mean is WE ARE DONE!!!!!!

Without further ado… here is a full tour of our (mostly) do-it-yourself renovated master bathroom!

And because everyone loves a good before & after….
(FYI- the “after” photos are taken from the exact same position in the room as the “before” shots!)

Seriously, this bathroom rocks. Now it’s time to move on to our next project!

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