New Entertainment Unit

Since I had a 4 day weekend over New Years, and an entertainment unit design in my head, and a new Festool track saw I really wanted to play with, I decided it was time to finally get our living room looking a bit cleaner.  I picked up 4 sheets of ply, four 1X4’s, six 1X2’s, 9 feet of lath and 9 feet of bed mold, plus a few accessories, shelf pins, grommets, wire ties and wire staples, ect…for about $300.

I built out the carcass with my total inside width measuring 6 inches larger than my TV to accommodate the trim and leave a nice reveal once the tv was pushed in from the back. I trimmed the whole unit in the same style we used when we replaced the trim on our windows and doors during the dining room makeover.

On the upper and lower shelves I added an additional panel to make the inside of the cabinets flush to keep a cleaner straight line look. I drilled hols in the bottom shelving area to allow for shelving adjustments, drilled grommets for wires, and installed a split flex tube from top to bottom for a place to neatly run all the wires.

After getting it all built, I used a Graco HVLP Sprayer to apply the paint, lightly sanding between coats with a block sander and 220 grit paper.

I think it turned out pretty nice. Here are a couple before and after shots so you can decide for yourself.



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